Does your advisor come up with innovative ideas to save you money? Do they spend their time “filling in the boxes” or thinking outside the box?

Certified Tax Coaches will give you a customized plan for your small business to maximize your savings.

If you really want to take advantage of every tax break the law allows, you must THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! It doesn’t matter how good your accountant is with a stack of receipts on April 15th. If you didn’t know what deductions, credits and loopholes are available to you, you’ve lost those breaks forever! True tax planning gives you concepts and strategies you need to minimize your taxes.

True tax planning tells you what to do, when … Read more →

I first consulted with David Stone in September of 2004.  My accountant of 12 years had just informed me that, on top of all the taxes I had already paid so far that year and would pay before December, I was going to owe an additional $24,000 in income taxes.  I decided at that point that I should get a second opinion. … Read more →

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