How much time do you waste every month doing (or paying someone else to do) menial tasks that you absolutely hate? Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus more time, energy, and resources on the tasks that actually bring in money? What if we told you technology could help you do that AND save you money at the same time?

This week we’re going to share some ways that using technology can reduce your business expenses, and we’re also going to give you the skinny on some of our favorite apps and programs.

Are you ready to put more money back in your pocket? Keep reading!

Technology makes increasing productivity a cinch. These days you can automate many of … Read more →

Earlier this month we told you all about The Surprising Link Between Workplace Efficiency And Your Budget, and last week we taught you How To Negotiate Contracts Like a Ninja. It’s time now for us to talk about one of our absolute favorite expense-reducing strategies—tax planning!

If you do your own taxes or if you hire someone to help that isn’t a Certified Tax Coach, chances are, you’re not taking advantage of the countless perfectly legal ways to make the tax code work in your favor.  It’s a complicated topic and something that changes every year, which is exactly why you really need someone that stays on top of this stuff to help you. If that sounds like … Read more →

The sheer length of contracts is enough to intimidate most people and prevent them from thoroughly reading agreements before signing at the “x.”  Then there’s the mind-numbing legal-eze. And we can’t forget about the fine print. If contract length and legal-eze. don’t do you in enough, the fine print almost always will.


Until now.


Today we’re going to equip you to become a contract negotiating ninja—someone that knows what to look for, what to look out for and how to negotiate terms that are mutually beneficial so you can reduce expenses without sacrificing what’s most important to you.


5 Things To Consider Before You Sign A Commercial Rental Lease:


Evaluate the length of the lease: one to… Read more →

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