This month we’re teaching you everything you need to know to make your employees love you.  If you missed our first two posts, catch up now by learning 7 Steps You Need To Take Before You Make Your First Hire and How To Attract Top-Performing Employees.

So now you know all about how to prepare to hire employees and how to attract the best of the best once you’re ready to hire. The question is, once you have the best employees, how do you keep them? What’s the secret?

Some companies swear their secret sauce to employee retention rests in their rewards program.  Why? Well, let’s explore that!

Why Employee Reward Programs Work

 It puts the control in the… Read more →

Last week we kicked off our series on how to make your employees love you. Whether you already have employees working for you or are just starting to prepare your business for its first hire, our blogs this month will be loaded with great information that can help you become the employer everyone wants to work for!

If you missed our first blog on 7 Steps You Need To Take Before You Make Your First Hire, check it out now.

All caught up? Great! This week we’re going to teach you how to attract the best of the best once you’re ready to start your search for your first employee.

How to attract top performers to your business:

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Attracting and retaining excellent employees is not what it used to be. In today’s competitive job market many companies are offering benefits that go far beyond health care and two weeks paid vacation. This month, we’re going to share insights with you that will help you create a company people love to work for. Because we all know, happy employees are productive employees. And productive employees make profitable companies!

One of the biggest leaps small business owners take is when they choose to begin scaling their business by hiring their first employee. It’s an intimidating step for many reasons. The fear of letting go of control can be paralyzing. The anxiety around making payroll can be suffocating. And learning all … Read more →

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