When it’s time to clear the clutter from your home, you’ve got three choices:

1) Trash it

2) Host a garage sale

3) Donate it



I think it’s safe to say we can all agree the first choice is not a good option at all. After all, the last thing the world needs is more stuff in our landfills. So, let’s move right on and discuss the other options.


The Frustrating Truth About Garage Sales

Have you ever had a garage sale and kicked yourself afterward? Unless you’ve got tons of really desirable goodies and people in your community that love snatching up early morning deals, there really aren’t many pros to having a garage sale.  In … Read more →

Do you ever wish you had magical stress-busting powers at tax time? You know, the kind that allow you to make any document you need appear in a matter of seconds regardless of where you are or when you need it? Maybe you need a copy of your W-2, or those 1099s you had your contractors complete. Or perhaps you need a bank statement or a copy of your receipt from American Airlines. We get it. We need those things, too. That’s why we love Evernote.

Evernote is a digital organizer. And as far as we’re considered, everyone should use it. It’s the fastest & easiest way to keep all of your notes, webpages, inspirations and ideas at your fingertips … Read more →

As a small business owner, you do everything you can do remain profitable. You carefully watch expenses, you work long hours, and you strive for efficiency.

One of the expenses you can’t avoid as a small business owner is taxes. If your business makes money, you’re going to owe taxes. Fortunately, there are plenty of small business tax deductions available that help.

Here are some of the most overlooked small business tax deductions, and what you can do to take advantage of them:

Child labor

Of course, we’re not talking about sweatshop conditions for poor inner-city children here. We’re talking about putting your own family to work in your small business.

Depending on the amount that you pay your children … Read more →

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