When it’s an “On-Premises Employee Athletic Facility” – and yes, you can deduct that*!

Do you have a home office with a pool out back? If so, have you ever viewed it as a way to pay less in tax? You should! You could be missing out on an opportunity to deduct it under IRS Code Section 132(h)(5) or Section 125!

Like it or not, you need help with your taxes. In fact, taxes have grown so complicated that the tax code contains more words than the bible! A Certified Tax Coach™ will look at your expenses and ask questions, hunting for missed deductions and ways to lower your tax bill.

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Most business owners think making more money is the best way to grow the bottom line. In fact, a good tax strategy can help you do that by helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

For most business owners, taxes are your biggest expense. So, it makes sense to focus your financial defense where you spend the most.

As business owners, you can put cash in your pocket in two ways. Financial offense, earning more, or financial defense, spending less. You can spend all sorts of time, effort, and money advertising and striving to make more. You can fill your pipeline with leads and potential customers. But, that can’t guarantee results.

Tax planning guarantees results. Filling your … Read more →

DO YOU PAY TOO MUCH IN TAX? You are not alone! In fact, the average business owner saves over $15,000 every year by working with a Certified Tax Coach™ to find the right deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies. Tax breaks aren’t just for the wealthy!

Owning your own business – even a startup or sideline business – is the best tax shelter left in America, but only if you have a plan to take advantage of every available break!

Certified Tax Coaches™ are tax professionals with advanced training in proactive tax planning. They specialize in working with business owners, professionals, and investors like you.

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