Meeting people who eventually become clients is the goal of any successful business. Networking is one way to do this but it also costs money. Is it worth the investment? What’s the ROI?

There will always be a return on investment as long as you are able to convert prospects into paying clients. That goes for everything you do. Sales is a number’s game. The more people you meet, the more relationships you build and the higher your conversion ratio.

Can we agree you’re not going to meet many folks sitting at your desk all day? You have to get your face in front of a steady stream of prospects if you’re going to attract clients.

Business networking is one … Read more →

Most entrepreneurs are hands-on people. Because they are doers by nature, they often believe no one can perform a task as well as they can, so outsourcing doesn’t usually cross their minds. Small business owners end up doing everything themselves – even simple tasks that can be outsourced to subcontractors.

Guess what happens?

Plates overflow, nerves fray, and things fall through the cracks. Sometimes important things. Outsourcing can prevent all of this.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to delegation of duties or tasks to an organization or individual outside of the company. Subcontractors and virtual assistants easily fill the gap.

With growing numbers of self-employed service providers in the marketplace, there is certainly no shortage of assistance. Some work by … Read more →

Here’s an idea: Why not purchase a motorhome or recreational vehicle and deduct it as a business expense?

As long as you use it for business this could be a really sweet deal. And if you just happen to use it for pleasure once or twice, that’s no big deal, right?

You won’t be the first person to think of this and if you don’t follow the IRS rules, you won’t be the last to experience the consequences. The courts and the IRS have battled this discussion out several times. Both have been challenged trying to confirm when the motor home is a business vehicle and when it is a business lodging facility.

Does it matter?

It does. The business … Read more →

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