In an effort to even the playing field, a unanimous decision by the California Supreme Court recently put business owners across the state in somewhat of a chokehold. With a ruling that could change the workplace status of people across the state, they’ve made it harder to classify workers as independent contractors.

Class-Action Lawsuit

The ruling came as a result of a class-action lawsuit against Dynamex Operations West, Inc. The suit charged that Dynamex, a package and document delivery company, misclassified its delivery drivers, calling them independent contractors when they were actually employees.

If they did misclassify, they are not the only company doing the same thing. The ruling has implications for the expanding gig economy, an environment in which … Read more →

Did you catch part one of this series on the ROI of Networking? If not, here’s the link.

Business networking can be lucrative. It’s one way to meet new people and build relationships. The goal is to allow those relationships to pay off in one way or another.

If you connect and they become clients, the ROI can be pretty good. Other times, they become great referral sources. The pay off can come down the line so staying top of mind has value.

Conventional networking has huge benefits. Of course, there are other ways to meet people if you are more comfortable with a one-on-one scenario. (But can you imagine how long it would take to build your business just … Read more →

Meeting people who eventually become clients is the goal of any successful business. Networking is one way to do this but it also costs money. Is it worth the investment? What’s the ROI?

There will always be a return on investment as long as you are able to convert prospects into paying clients. That goes for everything you do. Sales is a number’s game. The more people you meet, the more relationships you build and the higher your conversion ratio.

Can we agree you’re not going to meet many folks sitting at your desk all day? You have to get your face in front of a steady stream of prospects if you’re going to attract clients.

Business networking is one … Read more →

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