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If you’re like a lot of small business owners, when you hear the term “loan shark” you probably think of a mob boss, lending out money acquired by illegal means and threatening physical harm in order to guarantee they’re repaid. However, the term can actually refer to legal or illegal lending. We’re going to give you some valuable info on the legal variety and hopefully clear up some misconceptions so you’re well equipped to decide when, if ever, you may want to go this route.

The term “loan shark” is often used in conjunction with predatory lending practices, and for good reason. Predatory lending is any form of lending that puts unfair or abusive loan terms on a borrower. Predatory … Read more →

Knowing so many of you need to increase cash flow, last week we shared 6 Sales Strategies You Need to Know and the week before that we shared 5 Ways To Raise Capital. Both blog posts are filled with valuable insights; however, the bottom line is that sometimes in order to get your hands on more money, you simply need to spend less! It’s amazing how fast small purchases can add up and how with just a little bit of finagling here and there, you can “find” money you didn’t even know you had. There are countless ways to minimize your spending. Today, we’re going to share some of our favorites with you:

1) Buy instead of borrow – … Read more →

What A Payroll Company Can Do For You

If you own a small business with fewer than 10 employees and are currently handling your payroll in-house, you may be doing yourself and your business a disservice. At the end of this post, you’ll find a few payroll company recommendations. First, we want to share the benefits to outsourcing payroll and why it might be time for you to consider it.

When you have a payroll company by your side you can:

Use your time more wisely. If you are personally processing payroll for all of your employees, that means that all the time you spend processing payroll is time not being spent in areas of your business (and sometimes even … Read more →

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