What A Payroll Company Can Do For You

If you own a small business with fewer than 10 employees and are currently handling your payroll in-house, you may be doing yourself and your business a disservice. At the end of this post, you’ll find a few payroll company recommendations. First, we want to share the benefits to outsourcing payroll and why it might be time for you to consider it.

When you have a payroll company by your side you can:

Use your time more wisely. If you are personally processing payroll for all of your employees, that means that all the time you spend processing payroll is time not being spent in areas of your business (and sometimes even … Read more →

So far this month, we’ve told you about the roles of bookkeepers and accountants. This week we’re going to talk about tax attorneys and the very powerful role they can play in your company’s growth. Keep reading to learn more!

Roles of a tax attorney:

Should be able to help/advise in all the same ways that an accountant can. Consulting with a tax attorney could help you make sense of the rules you need to know and the documents you need to do things right the first time.

Help deal with an audit notice from the IRS. A tax attorney knows that miscommunications can happen and they can play mediator between you and the IRS in order to make sure … Read more →

You Know It’s Time To Hire An Accountant When…

Last week we talked about what you can expect when you hire a bookkeeper. This week we want to discuss the roles of an accountant.

The terms “bookkeeper” and “accountant” are often mistakenly interchanged. While there is a small amount of overlap between the two job descriptions, accountants have a responsibility to perform much higher level tasks than bookkeepers. And that’s exactly why they usually command higher salaries.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be certified to be an accountant.  There are plenty of very successful Chief Financial Officers running 7 and 8 figure corporations that are not CPA’s. However, since the CPA designation is very difficult to … Read more →

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