Virginia Shelby, CPA, CTC

Safe Harbor Tax Advisory, LLC

Pensacola, FL 32502

Virginia Shelby is a CPA and Certified Tax Coach. Virginia is licensed in several states and has clients over many states. She works very hard at finding her clients the most possible tax savings legally allowed. By reviewing the tax returns and financials she uncovers often missed deductions.

There is a very big difference between a tax preparer and a tax planner. Virginia is glad to prepare your taxes but she is even more excited to plan for future tax savings by taking advantage of all the legal “loopholes” that the IRS Code provides.

Virginia specializes in small business owners who are so busy in running their businesses that they often over look good tax planning. Without proper tax planning they are loosing valuable dollars which could be utilized in the growing of their businesses. Virginia has been able to locate tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue to many of the businesses she has worked with by the owner overpaying their taxes.

Virginia works with a financial planner and board certified estate planner as well so between the three all bases are covered for the client. We believe it is important to serve all financial and legal aspects of the client and not just the tax side. By doing this, we make sure that the tax plan does not interfere with the total financial picture or estate plan and all three legs work together efficiently.

Call today to see if you can be one of the clients who too can save tens of thousands of dollars on your taxes. Most of the clients are surprised when they learn the money they have lost over the past few years to unnecessary over paying of taxes.

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