Scott Terry,CPA,CTC

TST Accounting, LLC

Tomball, Texas 77377

I am a CPA, Certified Tax Coach, and Managing Member at TST Accounting, where we help clients save money on taxes in the greater Houston, TX area by utilizing proactive tax planning strategies.

I have a background in Engineering and Technology but transitioned into financial leadership roles after getting an MBA and an MS in Accountancy in 2004. I started my accounting firm in 2010 and have been helping individuals and companies with tax compliance since then. It quickly became apparently that most business owners were paying more in tax than they were legally obligated to pay. It was also apparent that this was typically discovered after it was too late to do anything about it for the current year tax return. I began to look for the right resources and designation to help me deliver more value to my clients.

I am proud to have found the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches and to have become a Certified Tax Coach. The strategies and community associated with the AICTC give me the opportunity to help businesses and their owners develop forward looking tax plans to significantly reduce their tax liabilities.

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