Joseph Conrad, EA CTC

JCC, Inc.

Renton, WA 98057

Joseph Conrad is the founder and President of JCC, Inc., a strategic tax and business-consulting firm which offers service to the exceptional.

Joseph has over 22 years of experience as a Small Business Expert, consultant, speaker, and author, who practices the concept of GREAT Tax Planning. His diverse knowledge and experience allows him to bring new and innovative ideas to his clients, while speaking in plain English.

When it comes to saving you tax dollars Joseph uses the analogy from the movie The Blind Side. The Quarterback is the highest paid player on the team. YOU are the Quarterback of your team. Joseph (the tax guy) is your left tackle, the second highest paid player on the team. His job is to protect your blind side from the IRS while saving you as many tax dollars as possible. To put up an IRON WALL from what YOU the Quarterback will not see coming.

Using ROCK SOLID (tested) strategies right from the IRS playbook. Not wild, hold your breath and hope nobody looks methods. Audit tested real world tax savings that keeps your money in YOUR POCKET…

When you bring Joseph onto your team, you can feel confident that you are partnering with a professional who is honest and reliable and who will always have your best interest in mind.

You can contact Joseph by phone at: (425) 251-8318 or by email at:

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