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“I am doing a long term contract out of state 6 month. Car rental was to much, so I purchased a vehicle. Can I use the section 179 deduction how much of the vehicle purchase price can I deduct, and how much of my millage can I write off and are they different things. I pretty much drive the car to and from my apartment and work, to go eat or to the movies, or anything I would use my car at home for.”


Certified Tax Coach, Eric Levenhagen, CPA CTC

Deducting the cost of your car and deducting mileage are two different options you have when taking vehicle deductions. Since this is the first year you owned Read more →

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What are the problems small companies face doing payroll?

I often hear people compain about solutions such as ADP, Paychex, Trinet but don’t really understand what the issues are.

Answer: Certified Tax Coach, Dominique Molina Most small business owners don’t know what they “don’t know.”  You select Read more →

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