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Every year, before stepping foot on the field, every NFL team spends hours (yes, really) going over their playbook. Each team member studies and studies each play until they know every single one by heart. When the team huddles and the quarterback calls the play, every player immediately knows exactly where he’s supposed to be and which direction he needs to move after the ball is snapped.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a “playbook” for taxes (wouldn’t that be nice??) but the good news is: there are still some things we can learn from the NFL.

Here are 5 things the NFL has to teach us about taxes:

Play offense. NFL teams spend hours and hours reviewing footage from past… Read more →

Your business relies on its employees to grow and succeed. Making sure your You’ve got to be able to calculate tax payments, deductions, and a host of other factors. It’s no wonder that payroll is one of the functions many small businesses outsource.

If you’re going to outsource your payroll, you need to keep some things in mind:

1.Outsourcing payroll isn’t always beneficial. If you’re in a small business with a fairly stable staff, and if your business is such that you’re not likely to experience significant changes in tax obligations, you might be better off keeping payroll internally. Even if you outsource payroll there are still activities you need to do in order to manage the process, and in … Read more →

Ask the Certified Tax Coach

Got Tax Questions? Ask a Certified Tax Coach!

Interpreting the tax code is no easy task, and neither is finding ways to legally pay less – so let us help!

Ask CTC your tax question and we will pick one (maybe two) to send to our Certified Tax Coaches.


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What are the problems small companies face doing payroll?

I often hear people compain about solutions such as ADP, Paychex, Trinet but don’t really understand what the issues are.

Answer: Certified Tax Coach, Dominique Molina Most small business owners don’t know what they “don’t know.”  You select Read more →

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