Live Seminar Feb. 26, Honolulu: Expensive Tax Mistakes

DETAILS: February 26, 2011, 11:30 a.m.
Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re like most business owners and real estate investors, you waste thousands of dollars every year in taxes you don’t need to pay. Attend our entertaining, fast-paced seminar to learn how to take advantage of these strategies and more:

  • The single most expensive tax mistake of all
  • How to slash your audit risk (Fly under the IRS radar!
  • How Warren Buffet pays less tax than his secretary!
  • Retirement savings strategies for every business
  • Can Obama really keep his promise to cut taxes?
  • Are Higher Taxes Coming?
  • Write off your family medical bills as a business expense.
  • How to deduct your kids private school and college tuition


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