Kelly Inga, Valencia, CA

I first consulted with David Stone in September of 2004.  My accountant of 12 years had just informed me that, on top of all the taxes I had already paid so far that year and would pay before December, I was going to owe an additional $24,000 in income taxes.  I decided at that point that I should get a second opinion.

David had me implement a number of different strategies that are completely approved and allowed for by the IRS (such as funding a 401(k), making my health insurance a business expense, etc.) that it brought that liability down to only $3,000.He explained everything very well and I felt confident that I would either never get audited, or if I did, would sail through it easily because there was nothing questionable about his recommendations.

Of course, I switched to using David Stone for my tax planning at that time and have referred a number of other happy clients to him!

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