How Much Can I Save?

Yes this really works! Certified Tax Coaches have years of experience in accounting and tax. We’re on the cutting edge of changing tax law and we know about the hundreds of tax loopholes waiting to be used to help SLASH your taxes! Through building creative and sound tax strategies, we help you save hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in a legal way that helps you sleep at night.

Check out what we’ve done for some of our current clients just like you:

“Middle Income” Taxpayers Start Living the Dream!

Jesse and his wife Sara came to us from a friend’s referral. At the time, he was employed as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company and she was a school teacher. Jesse was very interested in lowering his tax bill. He and his wife owned the condo they lived in and made a pretty good living, about $130,000 per year. But they were feeling the effects of the middle income taxpayer. They were making just enough to start losing some of their deductions and wanted to know how to save money on tax and start investing.

We came up with a plan and today, 3 years later, Jesse and Sara have 2 children, have moved into a larger home and own 2 rental properties. Using hidden business deductions and learning about tax loopholes from their Certified Tax Coach, Jesse now owns his own corporation as a photographer and they are able to continue purchasing rental properties with all the money they save from their taxes. Their net worth has increased, they’re paying less tax and they’re well on their way to living their dreams!

What would you do with an extra $15,000?

Ron came to us as a business owner and had 1 small rental property down the street from his home. He was frustrated because although he always heard people talking about how investing in real estate was so great and saved a ton of tax, he didn’t see where his investment was helping him.

It took just one meeting to discover the problem. Due to income limitations in the tax law, Ron couldn’t deduct the losses on his rental property. We also discovered that he had quite a bit of equity built up in his home and rental that wasn’t being used.

We developed a plan that taught Ron how to use tax loopholes to his advantage and deduct those real estate losses against his other income. He also took out some equity and bought more properties, creating even more deductions to cut his taxes. In the first year, we created over $50,000 of tax free income to Ron and cut his tax bill by over $15,000!

2,471% Return on Investment!

Our client Enrique was a top executive in a growing distribution business. A few years into the business, he was awarded stock options and eventually the company went public. Suddenly with the increased value of the stock, Enrique was a millionaire overnight!

Enrique was a whiz at selling his company’s services. But he didn’t understand numbers.  He got overwhelmed and nervous when he heard terms he was unfamiliar with and chose to just leave it up to the experts to make his accounting and financial decisions.

Enrique stuck with his long time tax preparer – a girl down at the tax franchise in town. He had been with her 20 years and assumed she did a good job; she seemed to speak the “tax talk” he’d often heard around the office. And besides that, she was affordable – what could anyone else possibly do for ten times the price of his trusty number cruncher? That’s when a colleague introduced him to Certified Tax Coach.

Enrique realized he would pay more to work with us than with the national franchise. But he thought of it as an investment and decided to give it a try. He was used to waiting 5 years for a return on investments so he calculated that as long as we saved him just $700 per year in taxes, in no time, he’d have his money back.

At his first strategy appointment, we discovered that Enrique had used the “cashless exercise” option to cash in his stock options and pay the tax. He and his tax preparer thought this was the best way to handle the options – but he actually wound up paying the most tax he possibly could (a whopping 44% combined tax!).

Luckily, Enrique joined us before he finished exercising his options. We quickly sprang into action to create a plan to drastically reduce his tax:

Using the “exercise and hold” strategy was perfect for Enrique’s situation. We created a plan to exercise the options at a time when he was not subject to AMT tax.

We created an LLC and sold his primary residence to it to take advantage of the primary residence gain exclusion and turn the property into a rental. With the increased basis in the rental property, he could claim a larger deduction for depreciation expense, creating tax free income from the property.

His wife qualified as a “real estate professional,” which let him deduct valuable real estate losses against the wages from his sales position.

Enrique saved over $80,000 in taxes the first year alone, plus $10,000 more every year since then. His investment in our planning has returned over $124,000 in AFTER TAX cash flow – a return of 2,471%. Now THAT is a good investment!


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