6 Sales Strategies You Need To Know

6 Sales Strategies You Need to Know

Like we said in our last blog, 5 Ways To Raise Capital, it takes money to make money. There are several ways to get your hands on the cash you need to grow your business; however, last week all of the options we told you about required sharing a portion of your profits with the people that provide the cash. While that’s a great option for some, it’s not always the best option for all. If your business is your baby and you want to keep it that way, keep reading. Today we’re sharing 6 Sales Strategies You Need to Know so you can increase cash flow while maintaining full ownership and control of your company.

Humanize your nurturing process – In the age of automated everything, it’s never been more important to humanize commerce. Step away from the computer and pick up the phone. Kill the direct mail campaign and hire an intern to hand write personalized cards that can be sent snail mail. Skip the “please all” yet hopelessly generic Starbucks gift card and drop off a gift that you actually took time to select based on your prospect’s personal preferences. Does it take more time? Yep. Does it pay off ten-fold? You bet.

Court the gatekeepers – Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Receptionists…you name it…they know way more than they’re given credit for. They know who the decision makers are, when they come in to the office and when they go. They know how they like their coffee and often what they prefer to eat on the in-office lunch days. They know, really know, the people you’re trying to sell to. That being the case, consider the gatekeeper your new BFF. Develop an authentic friendship with the gatekeeper and you’ll have an “in” your competitors only dream of.

Allow your prospects to soak in their pain – 90% of sales are made based on emotion, NOT logic. Your clients don’t just want to know what you are selling, they want to know why they need it. And in order to truly understand why they need it, they need to feel the pain of living without it. Ask them how things are going without it. Ask how that feels. Ask how it’s effecting other things like office morale, company growth, personal satisfaction, etc. Let them tell you how bad it is. How really, really rotten life or even mediocre life is without the fabulous gizmo you sell. Then, swoop in with a compassionate countenance and the solution that can change everything.

Upsell existing customers before hunting for new ones – It’s said to be 5x easier to upsell an existing customer than it is to sell to a new one. That said, sales superstars maximize every opportunity to sell to existing customers before they go pound the pavement again. Look at your existing customer list. What needs do they have that you could fulfill but, aren’t? What can you create that will meet their need? Can you re-package an offer? Create a new program? Sell a complimentary tool to something they already own? Find a way to meet their outstanding needs and your sales will skyrocket.

Create a “no-brainer” offer – Your ideal client is more likely to buy if you give them the opportunity to preview your product or service. Create a way to “taste test” your product or service so your prospects can fall in love with it. Once they love you, selling is simple.

Give them a reason to buy now – An offer with no sense of urgency is an offer that is ignored. People are busy and life gets in the way. Tell your prospect you only have a limited supply. Let them know the offer ends at midnight. Do something to get them off the fence, otherwise they very well might sit there until the cows come home, which is code for “forever.”

Next week we’re going to go over some ways to decrease expenses so that you can keep even more of your newly increased income!

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