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Most tax guys just fill in the boxes, once a year. Certified Tax Coaches go beyond that, helping you proactively plan all year long to take advantage of every deduction, credit, loophole and strategy available. Certified Tax Coaches are tax professionals with advanced training in tax planning who specialize in helping you pay less tax.

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Secrets of a Tax Free Life and other Write-off Strategies

“Whether you’re a millionaire or you’re just starting to build your nest egg, this book will lead you on the path to greater financial freedom with the turn of every…



“Craig Hawkins has handled my personal and corporate taxes for the past four years. In addition, he has been a reliable advisor and financial sounding board for all my financial questions for this same period. He has been very responsive and completely accurate in all the services provided. Craig is a warm, interested professional who listens well and tailors his response to each situation. (more…)

J. Rossman, Tampa FL

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