William Cummings, CTC

Cummings Financial Organization

Tampa, FL 33606

Bill Cummings is the President of Cummings Financial Organization. I specialize in lowering taxes and helping people save enough money so that working is optional.

Prior to my current role, I worked as a Chief Financial Officer of a financial services company for 15 years. I had many roles, cash flow management, reducing taxes, risk management, succession planning, budgeting, etc.

I found that as a CFO, I spent a lot of time tax planning and trying to pay the least amount of taxes for the company. Often, the company paid less tax than me, their CFO, and they had significantly more revenue than me!

This was a big “ah ha” moment for me, as it occurred to me that some of the most successful “big” companies paid less tax than me. I knew the key to paying the least amount of t taxes was done through proactive tax planning. So why doesn’t this translate to most businesses? Well, I blame the accountants.

The traditional accounting model is broken. The traditional accountant does hundreds of returns. They are so busy preparing returns that they do not have time to do proactive tax planning. That is one of the reasons I decided to start my own firm. I knew that people needed my expertise in helping them reduce their taxes.

The goal of my firm is to help my clients pay the least amount of taxes legally possible, maximize and protect their wealth, and successfully exit their business. We limit our practice to successful businesses and individuals who need tax planning. We offer concierge services that allow us to have the time to sit down with you prior to year end to plan and implement tax reduction strategies.

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