Bev Stitely, EA CTC

Saunders Tax and Accounting Inc

Hagerstown, MD 21742

As the Managing Partner of Saunders Tax & Accounting, Inc, Bev Stitely is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of every single client. That is why she has been setting the standard for professionalism and expertise since she started in the industry almost two decades ago. Her desire to develop well-trained and professional staff to better assist clients was evidenced by developing and teaching the Maryland approved Saunders Tax School in 2005. The school continues to this day training aspiring and returning tax professionals. In addition, she teaches an intensive Advanced Tax School to Saunders’ advanced preparers which addresses issues that are hot buttons to the IRS as well as covers new tax code. She single-handedly ensures that every preparer is educated about tax law changes and other procedures in an effort to provide every Saunders client with the biggest refund or smallest tax liability possible under IRS rules.

Bev ensures her own professional growth and development by staying active as a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and as an Enrolled Agent, since 1997, she is required to take 72 hours of continuing education, which aids in keeping her abreast of the continually changing field of tax law. (An Enrolled Agent is an individual who is licensed by the IRS after passing a difficult multi-day examination and rigorous background check thereby demonstrating technical competence in the area of taxation.)

In 2010, Bev also attained the designation of Certified Tax Coach. So that she can focus on proactive tax planning for clients seeking to find significant savings before the tax deadline approaches.

While she has a passion for the tax business, her heart belongs to her family. Bev has been married to her husband, Doug, since 1986 and together they have two sons, Steven and Brian.

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